Ultimaker Cura up to 4.5, Lulzbot 3.6, What am I missing?

Lulzbot Cura is sitting at 3.6, Ultmaker at 4.5. The Ultimaker doesn’t list any Lulzbot machines on their standard machine list. I tried 4.5 with my Mini 2, but it appears I’ll have to type in all my beginning and ending scripts to get all of the benefits of the Lulzbot product.

I’ve been using simplify 3D, but there are a lot of features that aren’t available in it.

Are we missing anything by not having the additional updates? Does anyone have any thoughts about using Cura vs. Simplify3d?



My only comment is you can cut and paste the start and end gcode. You will have to change the variables in {} to either a fixed value or to a variable Ultimaker Cura 4.5 understands (look at the start and end gcode for printers they do have profiles for).

I tried cutting and pasting. When I right clicked to paste, it wouldn’t give me any options.

You are correct, there isn’t a right click menu in Ultimaker Cura 4.5.0. Here’s what I did:

  1. Open CuraLE 3.6. and Ultimaker Cura 4.5.0
  2. In CuraLE, Manage Printers (Preferences, Printers), Machine Settings
  3. Click in the Start Gcode edit box, type ctrl-A, ctrl-C (select all, copy)
  4. In Ultimaker Cura, Manage Printers, Machine Settings
  5. Click in the Start G-code box, type ctrl-A, ctrl-V (select all the old stuff, paste).

Step 4 could be expanded (and probably should be). I paste the CuraLE Start Gcode into an editor (I use Notepad++) and save it with a descriptive name. I then edit the code replacing some of the {variables} as necessary and save this with a new descriptive name appropriate for Ultimaker Cura. I then ctrl-A, ctrl-C and proceed with step 5.

BTW, I did the same thing for S3D, Kisslicer, IceSL, Pathio, PrusaSlicer, etc. I like to experiment and some objects slice better in other slicers. Sometimes these other slicers have an option (or more) that suits the object better.

Great information! Thank you!! Now i have another workable slicer!