Lulzbot Font?

Hi there, 2 quick questions. I’m working on the lightbox for the blinky status indicator lights ( and it is going to have a faceplate overlay in front of a piece of semi translucent plastic that the LED’s will project against. My intent right now is to have that Faceplate say something along the lines of “TAZ” and possibly include maybe the octopus from the lulzbot logo center next to it. I definitly don’t want to violate any logo usage policies though. So, that all being said, Question 1.

  1. What font is used for the word TAZ on the little laser etched piece of plastic that comes with a Taz printer

  2. Would it pose a problem if I put some sort of lulzbot logo like cutout in a 3rd party part for a Taz printer? I could release that part as just printable gcode if that would be better.

I suppose I can always just stick a dragon there instead if I need to heh.

You could always use WhatTheFont - It’s pretty neat, I’ve used it a couple times.
As for the exact font, I’m not sure. Let’s hope someone comes along which knows.

1- We use Outage:

2- Have an example of what you’re thinking of?

Ok, cool, that font will make things easier.

I don’t have anything worked up yet. I figured it would be better to ask first then design something. I’ll post a picture of a possible option tonight when I get home from work without posting the STL file for now so you can take a look at what I have in mind.

Basically, the lightbox for the status LED’s will look about like this picture (this shows the back side).

That will be located under the Y axis front support arch. The rectangular cutout is for the Gantry lighting on / off switch. The larger curved cutout is the available LED status light “display screen” for lack of a better term. There will be a piece of semi transparent plastic wedged between that lightbox frame and the front overlay panel.

The front overlay panel is probably going to say 'TAZ" in cutout letters to allow the LED status light to shine through. I’d like to have something similar to the Lulzbot logo next to that TAZ cutout so that the status light bleeds through the logo cutout as well, but the actual lulzbot logo would be somewhat difficult to print as a cutout. So I was thinking either the Octopus from the center of the logo, or a simplified Triangle with an Octopus in the middle of it might be feasible. The effect I am aiming for is identical to what Makers Tool Works did with the Mendelmax 3 and their logo on the top of their Gantry.

The lightbar modification to the TAZ gantry requires removing the Laser etched plastic tab from the top of the gantry since it casts a shadow otherwise. This would hopefully replace that piece.

Cool- I may need to correct this but provided you license it with GPLv3 or CC-by-SA you should be fine.

Does this model help? It’s from our TAZ 1 control box lid, with an open center:

Ok, I usually release things under the GPLv3 anyways so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’d also be ok with releasing the other parts except for the piece with the logo, and then have lulzbot release the part with the logo (I’d design it and send it to you guys, etc.) if that would work better.

I forgot about that Lid. Yeah, that should help. I can import the STL and extrude an inverse of the triangle part pretty easily.

Ok, here’s basically what I am thinking of going with at this point. The Bars on top and bottom of the word 'TAZ" are basically to let additional status indicator light through. I think it’s a good balance of looks and functionality, but I’d be open to other suggestions if anyone has any ideas.

Consider the STL created officially under the GPLv3 Creative Commons license. If the image works as is, I’ll post the STL here later.

As soon as the printer is done with the revised box, I’ll print one of the lids as well and post an actual in use picture

Not in it’s final home yet, but basically this:

That’s the blue Idle status LED pulse from right to left, Mid pulse. I’ll post a video of it working once I get it in its final home. Right now the wires are too short for the intended routing so I have to fix that yet.