Finished the 3D CAD model of the TAZ4 printer…just renderings for now,
I’m not sure what I’m allowed to distribute as per the licenses of Lulzbot…

Wow! that looks great

What did you use to make this? This looks really good!


Solidworks and keyshot.

I’ve sent you a PM, waiting for a response.

Lulzbot can use the renderings for promotional purposes(HD3000 pixels!), I don’t mind at all :smiley:
I have plenty more renderings also, can also do custom renderings if required.

Man, I wish I had your skills!!!

Wow, nice work! :slight_smile:

The machine design files for the LulzBot TAZ use Free Culture licenses (a combination of CC BY-SA 4.0 and GPLv3). As long as you retain the CC BY-SA 4.0 license on your files, you are free to do whatever you want including selling them, commercial use, etc. The only other requirement is to note that LulzBot is a trademark of Aleph Objects, Inc.

By the way, this is really well done and if you wouldn’t mind sending us a link to the source files we’d love to check them out :slight_smile: Our marketing team email address is <marketing@lulzbot.com>.

I hope this is helpful, if there’s anything else we can do to be of assistance please let me know!

  • Harris

Hi Harris,

I’m really debating on what to do. I was thinking of adding it to my gallery on GrabCad and just putting EVERYTHING up for free download…but there’s a lot of work in it, so I’m just not sure…

by the way,

for all the 3D printed parts, I worked off of the .stl’s that were posted on your website. I found that some parts had features that were slightly off alignment…so in some cases I might have made small modifications to the original files just to get everything to line up…

Bascially, point being, theoretically, everything lines up in the virtual CAD model, but as we all know, sometimes dimensions, hole sizes etc. need to be tweaked for 3D printing purposes, friction fitting etc…so it should be noted I DID NOT TEST print these files so I can’t guarantee there won’t be some slight tweaking required…

Maybe I’ll send all the 3D printed files in native format to you first, maybe you guys can do a full test print of all the 3D printed parts, run through the tweaks and fixes then you will have a set of native .sldprt part files that you would be able to post up on the website…

How does that sound?


Here’s the link to the 3D printable part files and renderings…


So all the 3D printable parts are in native .sldprt format, BUT keep in mind, they havn’t been test printed. Maybe someone can help do some test printing to see if everything fits together OK. I don’t have time atm. Please, if there are any tweaks that need to be made to the files, let me know. That file package also contains the fully assembled printer saved as a static .sldprt and .step format, along with a bunch of HD renderinigs…all free for download.

For the complete file package, all component files, non static(moveable) assemblies etc. i’ll have it up for sale on Turbosquid soon or just contact me…

Thanks Jon for the great model, we are laying out a MakerLab and the Taz 4 was on our list. Now I can show the actual model in the lab.

There ya go! Pretty sweet setup!

Thanks for uploading this under free licenses!


The 3D printable parts and a static assembly are all up on my GrabCad account, available for free.

But if anyone wants the full package, the move-able assemblies and other formats, and all the other good stuff, I’m selling that. It’s a few GB’s worth of files… :slight_smile:. Anyone who is interested, PM moi. :wink:

My gallery on GrabCad gets quite a few views, I’ve had a few people already telling me they’re going to get the printer because they were able to get a better overview of it because of my CAD files… :wink:

But someone really needs to test print all the parts…as we all know, sometimes dimensions need to be tweaked when going from CAD—>print.

What parts were out of alignment?

Just little things, like bolt holes not lining up, one that comes to mind was the 3D printed part for the Z-nut screws…but keep in mind, I was riffing sketches off of the .stl’s that Lulzbot provides on-line, they had to be scaled, basically ran them through a bunch of conversions to be able to sketch with them, plus, it was a crazy big job, with a lot of parts to keep track off, there could have been some error introduced along the way as I pulled sketches off of the parts. But, like I mentioned, my CAD files are accurate with regards to the CAD model, but someone needs to test print each of these parts to see how the fit is in the real world…I would do it, just no time right now.

this is super neat, I think in the coming month or so I will try printing many of these!

These are really great
Are you going to do anything with the TAZ 5, like the hexagon hot end or using the E3D v6 hot end.