Lulzbot GCode for Two Print Speeds?

Hi all,

I’m working with a Taz6 with a Flexydually, slicing in Cura. I’m trying to print with PLA and Ninjaflex. I’ve had great prints come out with the two plastics, if there’s only one of them printing for the part. (PLA: 205C, 25 mm/s for first layer, 40 mm/s for infill; Ninjaflex: 225-227C, 10 mm/s first layer, 15 for infill) My issue arise when I attempt to use dual-extrusion, a part with both plastics.

I was hoping someone had any luck with modifying the gcode whenever the extruder changes. I’ve gone in and changed it by hand, using M220 S25 and M220 S100 (speed % override), and the part came out perfectly. However, the test was small, and a simple geometry (Think 2" Ninjaflex square with a 1" PLA inside, about a half-inch tall, printed with both plastics on the bed). Even still, it was a bit of work to find all of the extruder switches. There’s the section in Cura under the Gcode tab, post-extruder switch, and I’ve tried adding (among other variations) “IF [T0] M220 S100” in one line and “IF [T1] M220 S25” in another, to no avail.

Does anyone know of a way to have my printer change print speeds based on the active extruder stated in the gcode? I’m hoping there’s something similar to Tweak at Z, but instead of height, it’s extruder.


Hello Fontaix,

Unfortunately this is not something that is available in the original version of Cura. This is one of the main reasons why the slicing algorithm was completely re-written for Cura 2.

We have done a lot of work on our Cura 2 LulzBot Edition, and this has the exact capabilities you are looking for! You can set individual speed, temps, acceleration, jerk, etc for each tool head and it will automatically update within the gcode. You may need to do some tweaking of the profiles for best results, but this program will have all the control you are looking for and then some. There are hundreds of new setting options!

You can find our Alpha builds here:

If you do happen to run into any issues with the software, please let us know about it here:

We hope this helps!