Code needed to import to other slicer and printing set up

I want to use other software because Cura is wigging out on my macbook pro.
I built a Linux Ubuntu steup with Prusa and Octoprinter and I am thinking about using Ultimaker software.
I want to make sure the printer profile for my Lulzbot Taz5 with Dual extruder V3 is accurate is there a place where I can cut and paste the code if needed?

The basic settings and the start gcode, end gcode, and extruder gcode can be found in the CuraLE machine settings. There may be some variables (surrounded by {}) that are not part of your new slicer (and the new slicer may use different symbols to mark variables).

OctoPrint setup is relatively slicer agnostic. I do have different profiles for my TAZ 6 with Dual Extruder V3 for Simplfy3D and CuraLE (or Ultimaker Cura) because one sets/uses the nozzle offset in firmware and the other handles it in the slicer. The difference shows up in the GCode Viewer.

Beyond that, slice and print some simple objects and you will get the new slicer dialed in fairly quickly.

Copy thanks I entered all the code into a generic profileā€¦time will tell