Lulzbot is still the best

Ever since the purchase of my Taz 5 and despite it being a beast, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’m missing out on details or speeds that other printers can provide.
So since then, while keeping my Taz 5, I’ve gone through a UM2+, UM3, and Makergear M2. The only one out of that group that I really liked was the 2+ but none of the printers really had a huge edge over the Taz. The UM and Makergear community forums pales in comparison to Lulzbot. I guess I just wanted to say keep up the awesome work not just to Lulzbot but to everyone here.

Also, I decided to get my Taz 5 some much due TLC and got it a fresh sheet of PEI as well as a 1.2mm plated nozzle and man this thing is still a beast. Check out my video clip and look at that gear go! I’m printing out some riser mounts for a mining setup that I’m building.

Thank you for the kind feedback! What slicing profile did you use? How did the riser mounts perform?

Nice to read, i think it’s diffrent for everyone. I have two ultimakers 2 and one TAZ 6. The ultimaker 2’s print when i want a nice print fast and easy with cura standard settings there’s nothing to care about except for bad feeders. The prints the UM2’s give me are way way way better than the TAZ 6 delivers me. i just can’t get this TAZ 6 to deliver me just 1 good print. the auto leveling system and heating/cooling down takes so much time that my ultimaker almost finished the same print in that time. it stands here in the corner offline while my ultimakers run for hour making good prints. i’ve tried to print a large square object on my taz yesterday with the PLA that’s in the material list, i just used the stock settings from the lulzbot cura edition and it’s just printing a pice of plastic which is not usable for anything.
i’m about to sell the printer but i got so much love for the design and looks, i think it can be a beast but it takes so much time to get this thing to work that i just quit the time spending to it and buy another ultimaker.
Just check the black object from my lulzbot taz 6