Taz 5 vs. UM2+ Comparison Chart

Hi All,

In deciding which printer to purchase, I’ve been struggling for weeks. My budget is just ever so barely enough now that some $ came in to augment it that I can afford to select between the Taz 5 and the Ultimaker UM2+. So here is a comparison chart (original text included and an image showing bold and proper spacing for readability.

Taz 5 unexpectedly wins! I was sure that I wanted an Ultimaker but the features convinced me otherwise. There are some negatives but the positives outweigh them. All that, plus the Rocktopus is way cooler than the robot…


comparison chart:  Taz 5 vs. UM2+

   Taz 5		    UM2+		Specification		Comment
yes				yes				open source			required
11.4x10.8x9.8		8x8x8.1			build volume			big bonus
26.8x20.5x20.3	19.4x13.5x23.1	total size				bonus
200mm/s			300mm/s			top speed			bonus
300C			260C			nozzle temp max		important
120C			100C			build plate temp max	helpful
unchangeable		easy swap			nozzle changing		very useful
LOUD			quiet: <50dBA		sound level			big issue
medium			high				ease of use			noncritical
high				medium			modifiability			big plus
upgrade		no				dual extruder			Taz 5 wins
0.075 to 0.50mm	0.020 to 0.600mm	layer thickness			nice to have
open frame 		4 sides			enclosure				helpful
manual			assisted			bed leveling			useful
$2,195			$2499			printer cost			high
$400			$100				accessories cost		high
$2600			$2600			total cost				equal, both pricey
Rocktopus		Robot			mascott				Taz 5 way cooler

Nice comparison.

Taz5 nozzle is unchangeable? (I’ve worked with a Mini and have changed that nozzle. No experience with a TAZ… yet.)

Well to my knowledge, as I have read in an email from LulzBot, there is a pre-prepared statement that explains that you should never change your nozzle on penalty of messing up your toolhead, but if you really want to be careful and you’ll be ok. Which is a cautious and accurate statement in my mind.

Ultimaker on the other hand, has the Olson Bloxk which makes changing nozzles super easy.


I’ve changed my nozzle many times with no problem. I will be trying a .2mm nozzle later today.


I have a TAZ 4 but it’s upgraded to a 5 including the toolhead and I have changed my nozzle as well. Not sure why they would say it’s not advisable.

There is only two 3D printers I would own, one brand is TAZ and the other is not a UM2 and that is now my present machine. The TAZ 6 will be the one to wait for… its worth it.
Heck yes you can change nozzles on the TAZ series, you just need to be able to follow instructions.

Is there a video of anyone changing a nozzle on the taz or mini? I want to change to a hardened steel nozzle but I haven’t worked up the guts to try it in fear I might screw up a tool head that’s working perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

Sebastian has a link under his signature of a way to change the nozzle. It’s not the “official” Lulzbot method, but it does work, and doesn’t require a torque wrench. I’ll see if I can find it.

{Edit} Here it is:
Howto: Change Hexagon nozzle without a torque wrench (=the E3D way of changing nozzles)