Lulzbot Mini 1 Poor Print Quality

Hi, suddenly the Lulzbot Mini 1 that I have been printing with consistently has been printing pretty poor quality stuff (see the attached pictures). I have had this happen before and found that I needed replace a part that had cracked. This time I don’t see any parts with visible damage. What could be the cause of this? Thanks!

I’m a newb, but maybe z offset or nozzle temperature?

If you don’t see any cracked parts this time I think the next thing to check is if the belt tension still seems tight as it used to be and check if the set screws on the pulleys for the X and Y axes are tight. If the set screws get loose a pulley can slip a little bit as the motor reverses direction and you get random layer shifting.

Can you share the info on what filament you are printing as well as the slicer settings for things like temp, speed, fan, and layer height?

Hi All, I am sorry for the delayed response. The belt tension was quite tight on it so I adjusted that and the issues were resolved.