Take a look at this print and give me your thoughts.

New owner of the mini here. I love it and Lulzbot as a company. Glad that after all my research I went with this printer.

It has worked fine running pretty much constantly for the past week. Now I am noticing an issue. Attached is a photo of a few layers that seem to go wrong. What does this look like to you? I thought maybe the nozzle wasn’t being cleaned and there for not successfully auto leveling, so I changed the cleaning wedge, but the print came out the same.

I should note, I am using all stock cura settings and printing in ABS

What temperatures are you running? Looks like the layers are too thick and not bonding. I am not an expert, just had my machine a month or so, but never had a print like that off my Mini.

Check the belts for debris and tightness… things could get loose after initial use.

Have you measured the height of the anomalies? Maybe track which side of the object they usually print on. It looks like the X or Y belt slipped or skipped.

I think you’re onto it. It always happens on the rear of the rocktopus when I print that.

I just noticed my fan isn’t running. Could this be the issue?

Is that the heatsink fan or the bigger fan?

If its the heatsink fan, that is an issue or could become an issue for longer prints… especially with PLA. The heatsink fan should be running all the time. If its not running, it could be blown out… possibly mis-connected to the higher voltage of the other fan. Contact LB support to troubleshoot.

The larger fan can be varied through the slicing software… so if that’s not running it could be okay. It contributes to better prints, specifically for bridging… but its value for different filaments vary. For ABS, no cooling for the beginning of the project, but some cooling taller than the 10mm mark. For PLA, you’ll want consistent mid-to-high cooling throughout the project. The difference for cooling is the shrinking / contraction characteristics of the two filaments… ABS can contract too much if cooled too fast – leading to warping and delamination.

It was because the large extruder fan wasn’t spinning. I gave it a flick with my finger and it started up again and the prints are back to good!