Lulzbot Mini 2 for sale

Where would be the best place to sell a good condition Lulzbot Mini 2? I used it pretty regularly for a year, and then replaced it with a larger printer, and I haven’t really used it since. Where can I get an idea of selling price for a used machine?
Thx J

Ebay, about $500 if great condition. Similar on Facebook marketplace, but fb you don’t need to worry about shipping.

Market undervalues then, but when you can get a voron kit for under $500 that will outperform it in most ways (if you assemble it well) the value to a buyer isn’t great. The mini2 is definitely a tank, but also relatively slow and if it’s got a 2.85mm head, not attractive to a hobbyist at all, and to a business, used isn’t really an option.