Lulzbot Mini 2 TPU Filament

I bought some Sain Smart 1.75mm TPU filament. Is this ok to run through the Mini 2? If so what are the Cura settings and/or Material drop down selection (didn’t see this in the list) for this type of filament?



This link shows how to work with 1.7mm filament, even though the printer is technically not designed for it:

There are hundreds of materials available, most will not be in the profiles, just some common ones. The manufacturer doesn’t really matter, in fact it’s questionable why Lulzbot decided to complicate the UI with so many PLA/ABS duplicates instead of just covering all the materials properly. If you can’t find an “ultimaker material profile” to import, just roll your own, the settings are pretty basic:

One thing to note from that guide linked above:

In general, the more rigid the 1.75mm filament is, the better luck you will have printing it

From our experience, 1.75 TPU will be a little tough to run without modification. Good luck!