Lulzbot Mini bed leveling issue?

Hi all. Trying to figure out a bed leveling issue with my Lulzbot Mini. I know that it self-levels by touching the corners but the front right corner is constantly off.

Here are the average measurements for my last 15 prints:

Bed  z:0.00  y:0.00  z:-1.487
Bed  z:160.00  y:0.00  z:-1.236
Bed  z:160.00  y:160.00  z:-1.554
Bed  z:0.00  y:160.00  z:-1.479

It seems that the front right corner is always off with the other corners being pretty darn close.

Since the bed is self-leveling is this an issue I should worry about? Is there anything I can do to fix it? Should I replace the ninja-flex corner hold?

Is your printer successfully completing the bed leveling process? If so the difference in these readings shouldn’t be an issue because the way the bed leveling process works is by taking all of those readings and averaging them out to get as even of a plane as possible.