Lulzbot Mini cant use 1.75mm filament?

I have a Lulzbot Mini and it’s made to work with 3mm filament. I read on here and multiple places that its possible to convert the mini to use 1.75 but it requires a lot of work, about 400$ and with varying success. I’ve also heard varying levels of success from just trying to use 1.75mm.

Would it be better to try and find a new type of printer that can do 1.75 or try to convert the mini to use 1.75? I want to use 1.75 since it looks like all the “new and cool” filaments are only in 1.75 and not 3mm sadly. What should I do?

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Several options.

M175v2 from lulzbot. Great but expensive. Virtually plug and play. It’s in the toolheads menu with the latest universal firmware.

IT-Works 3D Hemera XS Revo 1.75mm. Expensive too, but uses the Revo system for easy nozzle changes. Also virtually plug and play (just tell the printer it’s an H175 toolhead with the latest universal firmware).

Self-sourced 1.75mm toolhead.
Several options here too:
Build your own M175v2 or H175 (not much cheaper than the lulzbot/itworks3d versions and significantly more frustrating sourcing the wiring parts).
Build your own Biqu H2-based extruder. Only about $100. Wiring parts can be slightly frustrating, but the cost savings is significant.
Build your own extruder. Get a 1.75mm V6 combination of parts from aliexpress. CHC heater block, V6 radiator & fan, CHT clone nozzle, heatbreak, etc. Can be anywhere from $30 to $100 if you go top-end.

At $700 it doesn’t print multiple colors. It can be attached to the AMS for a few hundred more and do that.

If you want to just print and not learn the hobby of working with a 3D printer (can’t fault you for that at all) the Bambu P1S is a good way to go, although I would recommend the Qidi X-Plus 3 for the actively heated chamber and open Klipper firmware, so you’re not chained to Bambu Labs for future support beyond whenever they bring out their new model (as they haven’t shown much interest in backwards compatibility with new features or add-ons).

If you do want to learn to maintain and update the Mini, it’s a solid platform, and if you’re ok with a set of crimps, can easily add 1.75mm compatibility for $100 or less.

Or you can hang onto it and keep doing 2.85mm that goes on great clearance prices if you’re patient. If the stock extruder is lacking (and it is) swapping out the single-gear extruder for an 2.85mm orbiter costs $60 and takes about 30 minutes of printing an adapter plate, and another 10 minutes of splicing wires to get going.

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Do you mean the original v1 Lulzbot mini , the mini 2.0 or the upcoming mini 3.0 i just want cleared up

The original Mini v1

To the best of my knowledge the parts for the original toolhead are out of production, & a note to staff if I am wrong feel free to correct me