Instructions unclear misplaced extruder (aka LulzBotdenMini)


This mod was much easier than I had anticipated. About $16 in parts if you can find the pushfit adapters for cheap.

The only thing left is to figure out where to mount the original extruder body while I look into one of those compact MK8 style extruder style drives.

For anyone considering it, I think the LulzBot team’s choice to stick with the direct-drive geared extruder was definitely the best decision for consistency and ease of use. YMMV. :slight_smile:

I see you converted your Mini to a bowden setup, but I don’t quite get why. Just for the hell of it or are you trying some new material of some sort or what? Just curious.



A little bit of “hell of it” when I saw how easy it was with the Hexagon hotends. :slight_smile:

I’m really impressed with the Mini and enjoy printing with it. I was considering using 1.75mm filament with my Mini since I have some spare rolls of it. It’s easier to swap out the hot end and extruder in this configuration.

Maybe someday the little Mini will get a full-sized RAMBo for dual extruders, too… but, really, that should probably be the thought that crosses the line of “… should have bought a Taz 5”. :smiley:

Actually, we have users reporting they are printing 1.75mm filament fine on their 3mm machines. We have also verified this internally, but not extensively. You may want to try it and see if it “just works”. You’ll have to change the settings in cura too.


Maybe you just need to try one of these guys?

That thing looks pretty cool :slight_smile:

Wait a minute… really? I thought at minimum you’d need a new extruder body for 1.75mm to align the bolt and guide. The LulzBot Hexagon hotend can do both 1.75mm and 3mm? I would have assumed that 1.75mm run through it would just result in a pretty nasty jam.

Right? :slight_smile:

Too bad the Mini-RAMBo can only support one extruder.

Ya, that’s pretty much what we presumed too. But a user reported it here, and we’ve been able to do it too. I doubt it will be as reliable as using 3mm, but it may be good enough to serve the purpose of burning through some old spools.