Lulzbot Mini clicking noise in Z-axis

Hello fellow makers,

I have a Lulzbot Mini that makes a slight clicking noise whenever I move up or down in the z-axis by 10mm. I’ve located the noise to be on the right side of the printer but can’t pinpoint the source. I’ve checked for cracks in the coupling that connects the z motor to the threaded rod but I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. I’ve also checked the printed parts on the right side and they all look fine too. I’ve greased the threaded rod with white lithium grease…but still the noise persists.
This has been occurring for a couple months but I’ve been too busy with school and work until now…

Has anyone experienced a similar problem from what I’ve described? I want to contact support as I am still under the one year warranty but would be much more satisfied if I could solve this myself or with any of you enthusiasts.


You might try checking the set screws for the flex couplings.

My mini was making a noise similar to what you describe. In my case, it was a bit of misalignment between the motor and threaded rod, which was stressing the flex coupling just enough to make some noise. I loosened the (4) cap screws holding the stepper motor, which allowed the motor to move very slightly (the screw holes are smaller than the screws, so there is a little slop). I carefully re-tightened the bolts, a little at a time, so the motor would stay aligned with the coupling. This eliminated the noise for me.