Noise when moving print head up and down

My Lulzbot mini just started making a really bad clicking noise when moving the nozzle up or down. Side to side is fine and the prints seem ok.

I’m looking at it carefully and the right and left sides seem to be slightly off (aka they are not on the exact same position on the long screws at the sides)

Is there a way to adjust this?

It sounds like you might have a loose set screw in the Misumi couplers right about the stepper motors on the vertical rods, or a broken coupler or even a broken stepper shaft if the printer is making noises while moving up or down in Z.

Hi, seem to be having the same issue. What fix worked for you in the end? Thanks.

I recently had this same issue on one of our machines. If you look closely at the coupling that connects the Z motors to the threaded rod (the grey thing with the slots in it), you might notice a crack somewhere. One of ours has cracked at two spots. Support filed an RMA for us and is supposed to be shipping us a new one. It’s been over a week now though and still no tracking as they promised.