Lulzbot mini help needed

Hi im new to this first time experiencing this issue,

Please help,
my lulzbot mini build plate is stuck in the forward position and just jamming when turned on the motor keeps wanting to push the plate forward but cant go any further. Ive tried to control the printer manually from the monitor screen but cant seem to get anything to move.
I have completed over a dozen successful prints. but now im stuck, have tried to search for said topic but wasnt able to find any information

thanks in advance for any guidance on how to work through this

With the Mini powered off, are you able to manually move the plate backward? Or is it mechanically stuck in the forwardmost position?

Yes thanks
I’m still making prints with it .
The sound only occurs with the build plate only when starting the print for a few brief moments.

Will try and update the printer as advised by another member here on the forum.

Thank you for the input!

Could be a bad endstop.