Lulzbot Mini S/D Card or Octoprint Tutorial?

Can anyone link me to a tutorial on how to install an SD card onto my Lulzbot Mini or Octoprint into my mini (original)?

I am a teacher and running 3 printers running back and forth and having to plug into cura is very annoying!

Assuming that you are wanting to set these up in a school environment, I would check with your network admin / IT personnel to help get Octoprint instances set up on your network. The process can be quite technical for those unfamiliar with linux/ command line and because it sets up its own web server your IT department will want to be aware that it is on the network. Another thing to note is that octoprint needs to have a separate device from your LulzBot 3D printer to function (think of it like having a dedicated computer for each 3D Printer).

IMO, OctoPrint would be the way to go. It will require an investment of around $60 per printer for a Raspberry Pi 3B+ or 4B 2GB, the appropriate power supply, and a case. The OctoPrint community is very helpful.

I use OctoPrint with my LulzBot TAZ 6.