Lulzbot Taz6 Z-Axis Binding

frame is perfectly square. right side lead screw is very easy to turn. left side binds and is hard to turn. removed lead screw nut and it becomes free (both sides move with same force) once i put lead screw nut back on it seems to feel ok but once it moves a little bit it bins up again. removed the lead screw and this is what i see. it appears the lead screw is off center and when the nut is put on it pulls it even more and binds. was thinking about filing the cone some to open the hole? also loosened the x-axis on that side to see if that would release some tension and allow it to move back to center but didnt work.

what next?

See how the left side is closer to the z motor mount than the right side? You need to manually turn the left side lead screw until it is the same height as the right side one, then recalibrate.

that has been done several times. that is a picture of what it looks like when it tried to do the test print.

How is it when you take the right side Z nut loose/out? Is it easy to turn the left side then. Also your picture of the ‘cone’ shows that it is getting pulled in by the belt tension and needs to be push back out more on the front. I would try loosening the drive belt a little. YMMV…

In that case its either a motor coupler that is missing setscrews and has come loose, failed bearings, debris inside the leadscrew nut, a bad X end allignment, or a failing motor / electrical.

nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, and nope.

i have the top plate off that holds the lead screw in place, the bearing removed, the belt removed, the left side cone is loosend from the two y-axis rods. the lead screw nut off of the lead screw and it spins with no resistance. as soon as you begin tightening the nut the lead screw begins to become harder and harder to turn until it is impossible to turn by hand. as seen in the photo above it is as if the as the nut is being tightened the lead screw is being pulled tighter into the cone.

yes becomes completely loose and loosening the belt had no effect.

That tells me your guides moved inward from the belt tension and the set screws slid on the smooth rods;. That is why the front of the X motor mount is not centered on the hole. you may have to use some force to get the mount to move to where it needs to be on the smooth rods again after the drive belt and smooth rod set screws are loose.

i have the vertical smooth rod removed. centered the motor mount on the lead screw and tightened it. the set screws are loose (i loosened them to adjust) the smooth rod now does not line up where it needs to go and if i force it back into place. the lead screw will no longer turn due to binding. i think if i file on the inside of the cone it will fix the issue (although obviously not ideal) but i jsut don’t see what else to do other than returning the printer due to a possibly that one of these printed parts is off slightly.