LulzbotMINI - Best low smell beginner filament?

Hi everyone,

What is a good filament to start off with for a beginner. Id prefer a filament with little to no smell due to a lack of enough ventilation otherwise id get ABS. Id like to hear your suggestions and hopefully there is a good filament out there for the Mini and a beginner.

Thanks all!

I think except ABS, PLA is always the easiest one to start with. Which has no bad fume to worry about. I have used Colorfabb XT, Protopasta Stainless Steel, PETG, Nylon, PLA and ABS on Mini so far. Definitely start with PLA.

Thanks for the reply LouisR. Did you find those other mentioned filaments to be tough to print? I would imagine they all have a smell related to them too…

I usually print things I use, therefore ABS. But the PETG filament I am using now is wonderful. Average humidity does not hurt, I still keep mine in a sealed plastic bag, prints with the same settings as ABS but without the bed separation and cracks that ABS sometimes has. I notice No smell and its what I will be using from now on out.

I’m a new mini owner as well and I started with PLA. It has little to no smell (and what little there is there is pleasant). I also have a roll of HIPS since lulzbot recommends it for the mini but I haven’t tried it yet as I am still perfecting my PLA profile.

+1 vote for PLA as a starter material.

As wmgeorge64 mentioned, PETG is one of the great replacement filament for ABS. However, for my experience, PETG need quite a bit time to fine tune to best result. Here’s the best guide I found online for PETG printing
Hope fully it’s gonna be helpful. For other materials, Nylon is really strong material but even with PEI surface you still need gluestick for adhesion. And Colorfabb XT is another great material to try but the adhesion on PEI surface is definitely not as good as PLA.

Frankly I just used the ABS settings but lowered the bed temperature to 90 and ran the extruder temp at 250. I might try the un-extruding and see what it does, but really looks ok as is.

Interesting topic - I’ve been running my new Taz-5 for almost a month solid & the smell is negotiable IMO but, you’re in luck because now you can use Coffee filiment: - placed my order today - enjoy

+1 for PLA hands down. It’s super easy to print, has virtually no smell, and is cheap.

I use ABS and PLA. PLA seems to gum up the outer surface of the nozzle a bunch more and I always have a little trouble getting ABS restarted after using PLA. In a lot of ways, I feel that ABS is easier than PLA – it definitely looks nicer. I set up a simple vented hood and I don’t notice any smell from ABS.

I would be careful about exposure to fumes, even if you can’t smell them. I had an allergic reaction to HIPS fumes (small numerous water blisters on the sides of my fingers, which itch, pop, produce scaly skin that itches for a month till my skin turns over – fumes that hit my face when looking at a printing object, caused a sunburn like reaction on my face). About 5-6 years ago, I did a ton of work on a fiberglass boat and was exposed to a lot of epoxy and polyester resin and became sensitized to those things. Even the smallest amount on my skin now causes that hand reaction I mentioned (the sunburn like reaction is new). Now, whether repeated exposure to HIPS would cause that sensitization to occur, or whether you need to bathe in other resins first like I did – I don’t know. The thing with some of these chemicals though is that at first they don’t have any effect on you, but once you hit the sensitization threshold, using them becomes very complicated or even inadvisable.

Long way of saying, even if you don’t smell anything, you aren’t going to go wrong by rigging up some ventilation and eliminating the chance you’ll develop a sensitivity to the fumes.