Make a TAZ 5 with a TAZ 5 ?

Hi guys,

Finally have everything built & wired up including head, heated bed, motors, power supply etc…

Plugged it in and it didn’t explode or burn up into a pile of plastic goo !! :smiley: :smiley:

I’m not really sure where to go now setting up the software / firmware & “flashing” the card to speak to the computer, I really have no idea what I’m doing now…

Tried plugging it into the pc and using CURA as it is setup for our legitimate Taz5 but no joy “cannot find printer” when trying the bed leveling process, tried changing CURA settings to a Taz4 and it just sits trying to detect printer but never succeeds, I’m guessing the Rambo board ( from Lulzbot ) must be “blank” and needs the firmware ?

Would really appreciate some simple idiot proof instructions where to go from here ?

Thanks everyone,


( total bill for all the parts so far is about $700-750 bunch of stuff - pulleys, belts, power supply, head, wiring, bearings etc from ebay, metal frame parts from Mitsumi, board & motors from Lulzbot, a whole bunch of screws nuts and stuff from my own RC car supply & from Harbor Freight )

Downloaded Arduino, found the file Marlin_2015Q1_TAZ5_0.ino, put it into a directory of same name, opened the file, tried to “upload” but it comes up with a

“Marlin_2015Q1_TAZ5_0.ino:33:27: fatal error: Configuration.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Error compiling.”

message, where am I going wrong ?


OK tried a different approach, using cura, found a .hex file for the taz 5 firmware and uploaded that, seams to have worked, now playing with belt tensions to stop weird noises and stick slip, looks like the printed y axis end plates are flexing a lot and may just have to make some up out of aluminum…

Also the heated bed warmed up once to target 90 degrees then started to cool off and wont heat up again… thing I may have popped a fuse ???

Still it moves and I did manage to print out the bed leveling square so a bit of progress :smiley:

That IT works site I listed earlier has the metal Y endplates as well if you want them, , a set would run you $20 plus shipping it looks like.

I would pay 1000 dollars Us to get everything in a Kit for taz 5

I’m just now embarking on plan to build a TAZ. It seems like this IT site has pretty much all the parts you need, and the TAZ website has files for all the 3 d components. Are all the parts there to build a TAZ given that I have access to one currently?

If they are in stock, yes. If not, techsavvy34 makes aftermarket parts. The x endplates are the most difficult parts to source. Id recommend going with a taz 3 style control box too, the 4 one is a pain to get components for.

I actually bought x end plates from techsavvy, i paid, they never came. He said they got mailed, then told me another set would be shipped, then he cut off all communication, and never did recieve the plates. Im now waiting on my bank to go through the remediation process in an attempt to get my money back. So be careful. You just might get hosed as I did.