Any TAZ TK0 build logs/forums/groups out there?

Beta builders, kits?

Would like to build one or at least follow along a build

I have a Ordbot Hadron I built and use
RAMPS1.4, Marlin, Repetier-Host, Slic3r, sketchup

Looking for bigger build area and “better” printer

Really excited about TK0
Following Trinitylabs A1 and Mendelmax 2.0 development


Interested here too.

Hi guys,

I am building a TAZ (TK0). Finishing up the printed parts tonight. Ordering hardware in the next week.

I will be posting more substantive (IE these are problems I ran into, my solutions) on my blog, savorywatt.com and I was going to keep a thread going with micro updates on reprap.org’s forums and G+ but I will update here too.

Printed parts

savorywatt - Ross

I don’t understand
Lutzbot has this TAZ printer
they are not producing it
not offering a kit
not asking for beta builders/testers
just putting out an open source design?


Judging by their shipping/stock info http://devel.lulzbot.com/TK-0/Documents/delivery/TK0-black-128-parts-out-to-WP.ods

they are actually actively producing TAZs right now, and stocking up. They just haven’t announced it yet, and haven’t begun to sell yet. They will also quite likely offer kits as well, if we can judge by their past offerings.
Many of us are simply too excited to wait, and have enough information to build our own immediately

The TAZ is actually live as of this morning. You can see it here: https://www.lulzbot.com/products/taz-3d-printer . We do plan to sell parts at some point; although, it may be some time until we are able to get ahead of printing parts for the assembled printers.

Just saw this on the product listing.

The TAZ is currently only shippingwith

The TAZ is currently only shipping with

Can’t wait for the manual to come out. I guess I’m going to have to call it a TAZ from now on.

And your link to the manual has an extra ’ at the end


should be


Looking good!

When I asked, quite a while ago, they told me they aren’t going to be selling kits, at least upgrade kits. I would love being able to turn my AO-101 into one of those. I will eventually build my own printer when I feel more comfortable and really need to. So far my AO-101 does everything I want to do

Thanks for catching those! They have been fixed. I’m looking forward to the TAZ as well, I have an old Prusa that is just begging to be converted into something.

Cconverting an AO-101 into a TKO / TAZ would be quite a chore. Probably better off just starting from scratch and making all of the parts with the 101.

Hey guys,

Congrats on the new printer. :slight_smile: So you renamed it from TK0 to TAZ uh?

I’m glad I could help with modeling the printed parts in FreeCAD. When the assembly module arrives (hopefully in v0.14) I’ll update the assembly file.

In regard to upgrading an AO-100/AO-101 to a TAZ, IMHO it would not make much sense as most everything is different. You may salvage the stepper motors, the electronics board and the extruder but what else? All the extrusions are longer (500mm for all 10 of them).

The metal and electronics are the most expensive parts, that’s why it would be nice to see an upgrade kit. This also breaks their mold of an upgradable printer.

You could re-use a lot from an AO-101: the heatbed (if you keep it ao-101 size), the electronics, the motor, the hotend, etc. We have done a couple “TAZ Jr.” which are TAZ at Prusa Mendel size. It may be possible to do a smaller TAZ from an AO-101, but I haven’t looked at all the parts breakdown.

Yeah, I printed all the new parts on my current printer, am ordering extrusions and nuts/bolts, and moving over everything else from my old machine, so steppers, electronics, hot-end etc. Or you could just buy a new set of electronics, motors, hot-end as well and build it on your own. The machine is competitively priced for something that is already assembled but if you’re willing to cut corners you could build it on your own for a decent price.

A coworker and I have been mulling over designing the parts to convert the AO-100/1 to a Taz style chassis to allow for taller prints, good to know others are interested in the idea :smiley:

I would really welcome getting taller prints out of my AO-101 :smiley:


dito, what approach are you taking? im thinking to increase the width of the “upper_z_mount_idler_v2.1” part by 40mm, and then changing the “lower_vertex_middle” and “lower_vertex_right_left” angles from 60 degrees to 63. that way the extruder stepper and large gear can move up between the 2 horizontal frame pieces and gain about 2 inches. im still working on modifying the stl’s in sketchup now, should have some results later today or tomorrow.

edit: sorry to hijack, ill make a new thread with the update

Awesome design! Thank you for making it open source. Im looking forward to making one myself.
Would like to try those Igus bushing you are using since i heard many good things about them. Are they (RJM-01-10)? Could anyone give me a helping hand cause im really struggling to pick one of all the bushings they have. Thnaks

Hi mates :slight_smile:.

As already said in another topic, I’m among TAZ fans :blush: . So great design, thanks Lulzbot :exclamation:

I think a dedicated room for TAZ would be a good idea in order to open and developp exchanges, feedbacks, idea sharing, customization sharing…

Some questions I have in mind these days :blush: .

With the release in Lulzbot shop, it seems there are two repositories about TAZ (http://devel.lulzbot.com/TK-0/ and http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/). Wich one is the reference now ?

Something else I hardly identify, is the use of double_bearing_holder pieces. Possibly because I’m mainly using TK-0 assembly freecad file which maybe is not uptodate, yet till there I haven’t seen double_bearing_holder in pictures.
Is it possible to have some details about that ?

I would have many many other questions both in order to advance in the build and in order to understand the design :blush:

Thanks again Lulzbot team, TAZ rocks :exclamation: :sunglasses: