Make Some Music, Win a TAZ! (March 2014 Reddit Contest)

Hosted by the wonderful people at Reddit’s /r/3Dprinting (, we are very excited to sponsor the March Printing Challenge: Musical Instruments!

The contest calls for 3D-printed musical instruments which will actually create music. You can come up with your own design, or work from an existing model. Here are the full rules, as posted on the printing challenge page (


1st Place > - LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer, $2195 value (>> ).

2nd Place > - $100.00 voucher for LulzBot online store (>> ).

3rd Place > - LulzBot T-Shirt (>> ).

If you just can’t wait for a printer of your own, or to get some top-of-the-line filament, along with other 3D printing goodies, visit LulzBot’s Online Store (>> )! And for those of you addicted BitCoin, check out LulzBot partner, AdaFruit’s Online Store (>> ).


In this contest, we are looking to see musical instrument designs, that actually make music! The assembly can be hand-assembled from printed parts, assembled-in-place on the printer, or both.

You may create your own model, or modify an existing one, this contest is judged on design quality, aesthetic appeal, printability, and functionality.

Any submission of printed instruments may be post processed, dyed, painted, filled and sanded, powder coated, whatever. But if you do this, you must have before pictures for any printed parts.

All submissions > must > include your instrument in STL format, a render in JPEG format, a txt/doc file with a short description of your object. Bonus round: send images or video of the 3D printed musical instrument. (Videos to get a better look are encouraged.) Please help spread the word about this sub-reddit and the sponsor by mentioning “/r/3dprinting” and “LulzBot” in the picture/video description.

All submissions > must > include a download link for the printable model you design in a standard file format. That’s right. Even if you created the model, you have to upload it somewhere other people can access it, we prefer the always-open (>> ), for at least the duration of the contest!

Upload to (>> ).

1. STL file,
2. JPG render or photo of printed part,
3. Select the required CC by SA licensing,
4. Link to your page,
5. And, most importantly, make sure your instrument actually makes music, and tell us how!

This contest will end March 25th, 10:00AM, PST ( GMT-8:00 ). The winner will be announced shortly thereafter, no later than March 27th, 10:00 AM, PST ( GMT-8:00 ), barring extraneous circumstances.


I would like to see as little down-voting as possible. Now I realize that some people may not be able to contain themselves in a greedy frenzy, but let’s keep this civil if possible. Also please not that down voting people after the contest deadline will have no effect.

The top 5 (based on popular vote) will be judged by myself, the sponsor, among others. and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be chosen from the top 5. The winners will not be eligible for the next two contests, some of which may be shorter/longer than this current contest. If you would like to be a judge for a future contest, please PM me and sell me on why you should be a judge!


It’s a great way to have your posts removed promptly. If you take issue with the contest, the rules, the sponsor, or the prizes. DON’T ENTER. Also, don’t make negative comments, as they will quickly be removed so you don’t get the satisfaction of seeing how quickly you get down-voted by others. If you like the contests, just not this one, then hold off for a contest you like, it makes more sense anyway.

Pm me with questions or concerns please, the post Is for submissions only.

Previous Contests

Feel free to check out the previous contests (>> )!

If you have any questions, check out the printing challenge page (

Happy printing!

Quick question, will the results be posted in the reddit thread, or should we be looking elsewhere for them?

Reddit, results are posted here:

Congratulations, piercet! :slight_smile:

Also, decided to cross-post results in case anyone doesn’t feel like clicking through:

Congrats to everyone who submitted a design, there were so many good designs that this one was really hard to decide on! In the end, however, there must be only 3 remaining, so the top 3 winners are as follows:

1st Place - Piercet_3dPrint ( for the “World’s first 3d printed Trombone”:LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer, $2195 value.


2nd Place - Blink_182 ( For the “3d printed ukulele”: $100.00 voucher for LulzBot online store.

Images, object, etc.:

3rd Place - TheLEDman ( For the “World’s first 3d printable slit drum piano”: LulzBot T-Shirt.

Thingiverse files:
Imgur Gallery:
Video: Mary Had A Little Lamb:

You can see the original contest here (, And dont forget to check out some of the previous contests (

Yay!!! Awesome!

Thank you! That was some insanely tough competition there. I was sure a few of the other designs had me beat. Congratulations to the other winners as well, and thank you to the entire Lulzbot Bld3r and redit crew for hosting, sponsoring and making this contest happen!

Hmm, now I’ll have to see what kind of crazy TAZ parts I can come up with!

Congratulation Piercet!!! With as much posting as you do on this forum, You deserve it.