musical instrument contest?

Is this a legit contest thingy?

Just seems odd that there is no mention of it here if it’s an official contest.

There’s been plenty of mention of it, just not on the forums :wink:

Ya, it’s legit! You’re right though, we should make sure we announce things here.

Hmm, I have a couple ideas that might be feasable. Will have to give it a shot! Also, the link you have in that press release in the section "Reddit’s r/3Dprinting, " in the first sentance goes the wrong place.

Thank you for the heads up, piercet! We fixed that broken link and posted a thread about the contest on the News and Announcements tab here on the forum (

A preview of one possible entry:

(It’s almost done!)

Way to go piercet, looking good. :slight_smile:

Thanks! It’s definitly starting to look like a real trombone. I finished the rest of the bell and the tuning slide last night. I’ve got the mouthpiece yet to design and print, and one structural bracket, and then it should be done. I’m hoping to finish the last prints for it tonight. I’ll post some more complete shots when I get home from work if you would like to see any progress.

More trombonelike!

The mouthpiece is an actual trombone mouthpiece and will be replaced with a 3d printed one tomorrow. I was able to play it a bit and it actually sounds like a trombone. A little muffled, and 6th and 7th position at the end of the slide is losing a bit of air at the moment with no slide oil on the slide, but it sounds much closer to a “real” trombone than I would have guessed. There is one more bracket printing at the moment for the bell, but aside from that it’s mostly the finished configuration. The STL files and accompanying documentation and instructions will go online tomorrow. Soon the people of the sub-artic regions of the world will be able to have outdoor parades without worrying that that their instruments will stick to their faces!


That’s awesome Piercet!

Here are some in progress shots of the print. The bell was particularily entertaining. I swapped out the extruder body recently and I haven’t had a chance to re-calibrate it, so I’m getting a bit of excess filliament on the inside of the round sectins in some of these but nothing that affects structure.

Final assembly and testing is done now. Just waiting on a few technical issues with file sizes to be resolved on the target upload site before the STL files go online. Apparently converting a stl to ASCII makes it a much bigger file, especially for a complex curved object. All told there are 11 files, including the two parts for the mouthpiece.

I expect to have the STL’s online later today or tomorrow.

The official contest entry, including all STL files is now online. Please feel free to let me know if you have any issues printing this.
3d printed plastic Trombone kit assembly and tuning Instructions.txt (6.61 KB)
3d Printed Plastic Trombone Kit Description.txt (786 Bytes)

This is great. :slight_smile: