Makerfarm Hexagon Hot End Insulating boot

Has anyone ever given this a try on a TAZ? I’ve got one on order. Hopefully it will help out with my dual fans putting it into Thermal Runaway mode on Marlin 1.1.

I have several tool heads that use the standard Hexagon hotend with the silicone insulating boot. It works okay but it does become a challenge to work with when it gets covered with stray printing material. I only have one setup (Mangrove) that has dual fans that blow (under) a single nozzle, but it is an A0 Hexagon and I am still working my way through cooling issues. :unamused:

Do you have any followup on this?
Does it work on the TAZ5?
I currently working on your dual fan mod and I’m wondering about this ‘Thermal Runaway’ issue. I just purchased my Taz and was wondering if this is still an issue?

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The newest revision of the dual fans from the devel site fix the thermal runaway issue. The makerfarm boot does not fit the Lulzbot hexagon heater block.

Thanks for the fast reply. I’m very new here and don’t mean to be a bother.
Where is this “devel site” you speak of… (c8

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