Manage multiple hot ends on Taz 5

How do you manage swapping between different hot ends in Cura? I have a Taz 5 and two Aerostruders, a 3mm and 1.75mm, and want to change between the two. Are there instructions somewhere on how to do this?

The way I manage multiple tool heads with my TAZ 6 in CuraLE is to add multiple printers, one for each tool head. In my case, I sometimes have to switch both the tool head and the firmware. In your case with two Aerostruders, you might be able to just switch printer profiles within CuraLE. I slice and save the output to a file so I use part of the filename to indicate which tool head this gcode file is for.

With multiple printer / tool head combinations defined, you can also add comments to the start gcode and, of course, changes to the settings for each combination are separated.

I use multiple slicers so I extend the above technique to those as well.