Swaping Hotends

Hello All,
OK, Short story. I bought a TAZ 5 as my first 3D Printer, and had well, not so good a time at it. Lulzbot support was great in that they always got back to me in a timely manner, and with a solution idea. suffice it to say that nothing really worked, and I got really frustrated with my TAZ.
I then bought a Prusa i3 MK2 and loved it from the get-go. I kept thinking “way doesn’t mt TAZ work this well?”

My TAZ sat unused for two plus years until a week or so ago I bought a E3D V6 hotend and a TITAN extruder. I designed a mount for it and, drum roll please…

It works amazing!

I made the new hotend for 1.75mm filament as that is what the i3 uses, however I have a butt-ton of 3mm filament laying around and I am making an E3D/TITAN setup for 3mm as well.
So now to my question (finally, I know, thanks for reading this far). For those who may have more than one hotend setup, and swap then out occasionally, what do you do about the differences in PID, ESteps and such? I guess my solution would be to put GCode into the start file with the changes for the swapped in hotend?
EDIT: BTW, I put this in the software forum, because I see it as a software issue. If it belongs somewhere else please feel free to move it.


I only print with the aerostruder & dual v3 print head on my TAZ 6. The Esteps are now set up within the firmware, and no manual updates are required. the same is true for using these two print heads on the TAZ 5. Probably all the newer print heads really but I haven’t validated any others.

If your mount is designed to position the hotend nozzle at the same location for each toolhead, you would only need to tweak the Z end stop to get the proper first layer squish. I believe the Titan Aero 1.75 and 3mm units are different lengths but I am not sure that is the case with the standard Titan and V6 combo.

PID and ESteps should not change between the toolheads as long as you use the same motor type for each toolhead (0.9 or 1.8 degree on each).

I have switched from standard Taz 6 toolhead to a 1.75mm IT Works Titan Aero with only a change in ESteps due to the gearing change in the extruders. Then from the 3mm IT Works unit to a 1.75mm IT Works unit without any firmware changes.

OK, Thanks guys, I appreciate it very much. I’ll let you know how I make out.