Marvin print stops extruding at ~50%

I must be doing something completely wrong.

I am trying to print Marvin from thingiverse. I am using purple eSun HIPS and the eSun HIPS profile, loading the STL, and hitting print in Cura 18.04. Things look great to start. But, right around 50%, the print head stops extruding, but continues to move as if it is printing. This has failed 3x in a row now at the same place with the same symptom, and I had to send my print head in after the second attempt because I could not unclog it. What information can I provide to help diagnose why this is failing each time? I thought Marvin was considered to be a simple print, no?

What does the temperature on your head read, just as the print fails?
I suspect that the large cooling fan that cools the part as you print it is coming on a bit too much or a bit too suddenly and cooling your print head.

Cura, by default, dials in more and more cooling fan as the print progresses. If your head temperature is towards the cool end to begin with, it might be cooling the head below what is needed to properly melt the filament. The fan cools the part, to solidify the filament and help make nice pretty printed parts, but it also blows a bit on the head and cools it as well.

Also, is the tiny blower that keep the finned section cool working properly? If that is not working, or has a losse connection etc. that will cause all kinds of filament jamming headaches.

Bill D.

Cura 18.04 also had some problems (at least in the windows version), but I don’t think they were related to what you are experiencing.

I’ve tried experiments with Cura, octoprint, HIPS, PETG, and PLA. Extrusion stops with all combinations. PETG stopped about 2 minutes into the print. The tiny blower never turned on.

When printing, the tiny fan should never be off. The fan is known to be prone to failure. If you are under warranty, call support. If not, buy a new fan. It could also be wiring, but its usually the fan.

Sounds like that tiny fan needs to be added to my spare parts list for the Mini.

I think I’ve seen someone mentioned a mod replace the tiny fan with a 20mm fan with a shroud on a Taz5. Does anyone know if this would fit on a mini?

No one has made one for a mini yet. It would definitly fit the space, there just hasn’t been one modified to fit the mini style mount yet.

Ok. The sad thing is that I just received my print head back from support a few days ago. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

Has the 20mm fan proven to be more reliable? I’m sure it must move more air, just wondering how it holds up over time

I’ve not had mine fail on any of my extruders.

20mm fans are easier to find than the little blower… That in itself is enough reason to switch…