Issues with printing Marvin from - bridge fails

Okay, so I was confident after the first fail, tweaking a few settings would get marvin printing really great in 0.1mm resolution.

So far that is absolutely not working. :confused:

I have been adjusting my temps (215-230), retraction settings, fan on bridge to no fan at all, extrusion multipliers/from .9-1.0, infill % from 15-30 (round and hex), travel speeds (from 80-200) all to no avail.

Here are some pics: :nerd:

included in the folder is a zipx of all my gcode attempts so far. :imp:

Im using matterhackers RED 3.0 ABS which is measuring at 2.84-1.99 in various places. I’ve pegged a good temp from 220-225 and sitting at 220 for now. First layers look excellent.

Cura seems to be having a problem when switching from solid base to infill when printing but I cannot see that error in the z-preview.

ANY input would be greatly appreciated :bulb: . This is literally the first print out of 15 other models that is not printing well after the second refinement of settings.

:cry: :question:

Increase the fan speed for bridges.

alright, I am new to using cura, but will poke around and try that.

Alright I have not been able to find that specific setting in cura.

Messing with the fan settings still doesnt turn the fan on.

If you look in the folder linked in the first post, and the image file, it points out where the bottom dimple of marvins body starts. It wants to extrude in midair. I’ve witnessed this play out in the last 8 attempts with different settings try to extrude in the middle of nowhere and start the goopfail.

How the heck do people get this model to extrude so nicely?

I also printed the Marvin, and it was a tricky print. You really need the fan blowing very strong, if not 100%…

If it doesn’t work within Cura, which I’m not familiar with, try “m106 s255” command directly in the console if you’re using pronterface. That should start your fan and keeps it at 100%.

Thanks for your input.

With ABS you are running the fan on 24-7 for this print? I am new to actually needing the fan for more than a bridge. Its kinda frustrating because thats the only spot that is decomposing and setting off the rest of the print.

Ill try that command out now. If you could post your gcode I would love to study the other settings for your print. Right now I am just using the stock cura profiles, because none of my tweaks were producing any better prints really.

Thanks again.

Contrary to all my prior experience, the other layers are looking great so far, and marvins lil dimple is coming out really nice. I never knew ABS could take such fan. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. the last 20 iterations of lil marv are not in vain - yet heheh (prints at 30% finished)

Using this file/code:

Got these results :smiley:

Running new speeds and putting two of them on the platter to see if that cleans up the lil artifacts

These are just my observations and rules I like following for cooling:

  • Minimal fan for ABS is probably the best.
  • 100% only for bridges, basically to lock in the extruded filament in mid-air.
  • No fan for the first few layers (1-3mm), helps with maintaining adhesion.
  • 30%-60% fan for the rest of print… varied if possible.

Helping the cooling of upper layers, should assist in locking in the deposited shape and reduce effects of contracting/shrinking. Cooling of upper layers also allows higher extrusion temps which produces a stronger bond with the previous layer… hopefully reducing mid-project de-lamination.

Shrinkage is never good. :slight_smile: