Matter Hackers Laywood Clogging Nozzle during prints

Ive done a few prints successfully using Laywood on the Taz 5 using the Cura profile downloaded from the profile section.
Unfortunately when I try printing with it now, my print will get to about 3mm in height and the filament will no longer extrude. If its a long print job and I step away the printer will continue to act as if it is extruding material. Ive tried adjusting the filament diameter, flow rate, and retraction but im still getting clogs. Anyone else experience this?

heres a pic of what the filament looks like after i stop the print and pull it out of the clogged nozzle.

You can see where the material seems to mold into a hardened plug and where the teeth of the feed drive are biting into the filament.
I haven’t had this problem with any of the other filaments ive printed with.

I always use cleaning filament between print jobs and filament changes because this thing is my baby.

I believe Laywood is PLA based, and that looks like heat creep to me. There are some upgraded heatsink cooling fan designs on here and thingiverse that allow you to increasing the cooling on the heatsink to prevent the issue. I believe there is even one designed by AO for the Taz6 that you could use.

Thanks for the info. So far I have adjusted the angle of airflow of the heatsink fan in an effort to cool it more efficiently. I used an Infrared thermometer to view the temp as it was printing ABS with the extruder hot end set to 240c. The lower portion of the heat sink (the thickest block) was around 20 degrees hotter than the rest of the heat sink. So I adjusted the angle of the fan. Ive been doing ABS prints since I made the post so It hasn’t been an issue, but I will definitely print out a fan nozzle mod if I can find one. The only one I found at Thingiverse seemed to require a few extra mods to the extruder, hot-end, and z-axis, that I don’t really want to do seeing as Ive got everything calibrated and leveled. Do you know of any designs other than this one?

Im using the 3mm nozzle with the small heatsink fan, this design appears to be using the normal cooling fan and a larger heatsink fan.
Am I just overthinking the designer’s description of the shroud? I may be misinterpreting the description of the mod, because it seems as though its way more involved than it should be.

Check out this thread. Many solutions for heat creep and cooling solutions.