MatterControl is the bomb!

Really surprised I don’t see more posts about MatterControl in here so I figured I would give them a plug. I have been having a great time/ luck using their software with my new Taz4. I am in no way affiliated with them I just love their software I figured I would share.

Some nice features:

  • Choose from multiple slicers: Cura, slic3r, and Matterslice (their own slicer which is very good)
  • Auto bed levelling (works amazingly well with the Taz) no sensors required and takes a whole 2 minutes. Perfect prints every time and makes bed levelling super easy.
  • Great interface that lets you see the object, queue, visualized gcode, and controls all in one window.
  • Notifications! It sends a text and/or an email when a print is finished.

Anyways go check it out MatterControl its really a nice slicer/ controller.

How does the auto bed leveling work?

Hello partsoven,

Based on the recommendation on this thread I started trying out matter control. I like the interface and many of the features, but have been unable to make it work properly with Slic3r. The skirt prints VERY slowly–I’ve always killed the print after seeing not even one loop after ~20 minutes. I did a point by point comparison with the Slic3r settings from what I used successfully with Pronterface and can find no differences.

I sort of like the triangles that MatterSlice uses for infill, but so far it has always messed up the perimeter on the first layer of this: (don’t ask…8v). Including after slowing down the print speeds to what Slic3r used.

Have you had any of these issues?

Best Regards,

I also gave Mattercontrol a try.

After trying the default setup with ABS I felt the speeds and configuration were not up to par (for the TAZ 4 at least)

So I took the time to completely match the Lulzbot ABS Slic3r configuration in Mattercontrol.

However, I also can’t seem to get this thing run properly when using Slic3r as the slicer software. It just stays stuck forever during the slicing process.

Apparently this is a bug in the software, and they opt you to use Cura or their own integrated slicer instead.

But testing out these 2 slicers, I felt the results did not match my prints compared to using Pronterface / Slic3r with the lulzbot slic3r profiles. Also, even though I completely matched the configuration, like prstein is saying the tool is handling the prints completely different from Pronterface somehow.

I would really love to use the tool since the auto bed levelling really seems a neat idea and the interface is very clean but for the moment I’m back to using Slic3r / pronterface