measurement block stl

[attachment=0]measurepart3.stl I recently bought a taz4 printer and after I tried to create parts of my own I noticed that the actual size of the part was too small. To help with troubleshooting I created a measurement stl to print that has several easily measurable feature and several features that has a hole and a protrusion of the same size. The lulzbot tech that helped me with the problem, thought that it was a good tool to share.
measurepart3.stl (269 KB)

A master jig so to speak? Good tolerance all way round? Whats is the purple plastic?

Looks like a useful calibration tool bklimeck. One comment on making measurements with a caliper - use the flat sections below the sharp tip area. The sharp edges can/will locate between layers and you’ll get low measurements. Using the flats, you are averaging over the layer surface.


Here’s one thing I realized about 3D printed in FMD when I first started a few month ago… it aint CNC machining :slight_smile: Molten plastic squishing out a nozzle doesn’t make tolerances to three decimal places… :slight_smile:

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make accurate parts, you just have to know how to design for 3D printing. A CAD model designed for FDM 3DP will have different tolerances and dimensions that for CNC machining.

I do test prints to test for fit with each model I do, there’s so many variables that can change with each model and print that, that’s the only way to know it’s going to work. As a rule of thumb, anywhere from .015 offset = tight, almost intereference fit, .0178 is snug sliding fit, .025" is sliding fit, but again, that depends on the orientation of the layers also.

Sometimes you just have to start by guesstimating, then print and test and tweak until right.