free stl file

here’s a stl file I made (so you don’t think I’m all that bad lol) takes apx an hour …the rails are 2.5mm the posts 6mm wide 5mm tall center post 8mm wide 5mm high 4mm hole 2mm deep have fun…I think it’s 10"by 10" I forgot and don’t have time to check right now

test (2.64 MB)

What were the results of the print?

I don’t know you tell me I’m new to this 3d print stuff what do you think (different file)
one set was printed on the old cura fast print setting polylite pla
one set printed with new cura standard setting polylight pla untill the printer just stopped! by the way that deep line on the angle part was not supposed to be there either
the printer is stock has no shims nothing but straight out of the box no adjustments were made!

Well… first off, its not bad for straight out of the box. There looks to be some over-extrusion (bubbles on the surface). Try a flow rate of .97 - .95. The cause may be filament dependent… or variances in the filament diameter.

Try rotating the object 45 degrees and check if the lines in still appear.

I’d recommend a calibration cube for troubleshooting. They are typically 20x20x20mm cubes… I’ve attached a STL I use to check for dimensional accuracy the extrusoin tolerance. If you print a pair, they should fit together (.25mm difference between peg and hole) pretty tightly. If the peg doesn’t fit the hole, try adjusting flow rate to increase or decrease the tolerance.

Report back on the flow rate adjustment and rotating the object on the bed. Welcome to the FDM world!
-CalibCube v1.stl (86.4 KB)

thanks will do