measuring print bed temperature

hi there, I just got my taz 6 a couple days ago and am in the process of dialing it in. ive printed several cubes (1"x1"x1") using pla and abs using the stock configurations available in taz 6 and have noticed some warping on all prints up to the bottom layer thickness. once past that it gets better. also having what appears to be some retraction issues but that is a different topic. so I pulled out my trusty fluke 62max ir thermometer to see if the print bed is getting up to the right temps. during the current test print the bed is set to 110c which is 230f. depending where I measure on the bed the temps range from 221f to 245f. has any one else tested their beds with sim results? any insight is appreciated!

That’s normal. You can see the flir camera image of the bed here in the forums if you do a search for it, or in some of the taz 5 bed review pictures. The heater element in the taz 6 is identical to the taz 5 one. A metal bed plate can improve the heat spread but they are slightly difficult to find flat ones.

thank you for the info piercet!