Micro Prints Showcase

Hi all,

Ive been running the Lulzbot line of printers for some time now and haven’t really dabbelled in micro prints. Today though I swapped in a .2mm nozzle in to the Mini and ran off a test print of a small charm the size of a Canadian Dime (18mm). It also has a maple leaf in the center of the coin.

Anyways, Id love to see other micro prints that other Lulzbot user’s have done! Lets show off the small side of things.

18mm Diameter
1.4mm main coin thickness
.5mm maple leaf thickness
~10mm widest point of the leaf

Nice work!

Cheers :slight_smile: Do you have any micro prints to show?

Not many of them yet. I need to make more of them, but I’m not quite at 100% on extruder stability yet, though I am very close with the E3Dv6 swapout. Once that’s 100% dialed in I plan on printing a few things to annoy the SLA people who claim that FDM printers can’t do what they do

Excellent, look forward to it!

I’d like to see micro/detail printing as well. I’m close to pulling the trigger on buying a printer and print detail is a pretty important factor for me. I’m impressed with some of the Zortrax M200 prints that I’ve seen. It seems to me they have a refined system that is closed, so it rules the printer out for me, but they seem to do a good job demonstrating what can be done with FDM with some of the printing results I’ve seen. Which means it can be done. My guess is your slick open rail modifications will go a long way towards refining Taz print capabilities.