Lulzbot mini high quality prints?

Hello! hopefully this is the right place for this Q…
I am a designer and I have had an increasing amount of customers reach out to me for 3D printing assignments. I don’t currently own a 3D printer so I am borrowing a Makerbot 2x from a friend. The quality is pretty good but I hear the printer is plagued with problems. A lot of people keep recommending the Lulzbot like crazy. Does anyone have pictures of high quality/detail prints for it? preferably between 1.5 and 2. inches tall? quality is what I am particularly interested in when it comes to purchasing this printer. I am usually printing body parts for custom toys so for me, detail is important to capture some features.

Thanks so much!

Check out this thread:

He has a smaller nozzle on it, a 0.25mm, but this is something you can purchase and put on your machine. He is using 0.08mm layers vs the average of 0.20-0.22mm. Which again you can change yourself in the software.

Hello Toymakerr,

This print was done on a Lulzbot Mini. I went with a .2mm layer height and this was the first result. I had no need to re-print and so I did not tweak settings to refine it some more.

The detail on the Mini has been great for me. I am using Simplify3D and couldnt be happier. A lot of the detail is going to come from your ability to understand the model you are printing and your slicing software!


woah Chriswh86, thanks for the pics very helpful.
What do you thinnk, could I capture this quality with the printer? its about 2 inches. After those pics I am feeling pretty good.

Is that an STL model? If so, if you want to send it, ill print it for you!