Mini 2 extruder cooling fan is kicking in too high

As the title suggests, my Mini 2’s print cooling fan kicks in at a very high level resulting in the extruder cooling to an error of thermal runaway.
The Mini 2 is able to hold an extruder temp level but when I print something after the first layer the fan kicks in and cools the extruder too much.
It has an Aerostruder V2 head.
I recently updated the firmware - not sure if that is the culprit.

Double check your Regular Fan Speed setting, and fan on at full height setting within the cooling section.

The way these settings work are as follows.

1.) Fan is always off on the first layer
2.) The fan will slowly ramp from 0% at layer 0, to your Regular Fan Speed setting once you reach fan on at full height

By playing with these two settings, It should help eliminate that error.

Thanks for the response but the fan is still cooling the extruder too much.
I have Regular Fan Speed at 40% and Max Fan speed at 50%. Fan Speed is at 100%.
The LCD display shows fan at 40% after the 1st layer but the extruder temp is still dropping. I checked the tune setting and it was at 102. To turn the fan speed down to not have any negative effects on the extruder the tune setting is at 3 and the display is showing the fan at 1%.
Appreciate any solutions.

Since the Aerostruder uses an E3D nozzle assembly, I put a sock on it which eliminated the part cooling fan interference for me. Search these forums for “E3D sock” and you should find the part number.

I think that was the solution! With the sock on I was able to print without temperatures plunging