Mini 2 Z Axis Reset Every Few Prints

Every 3-4 prints, during leveling, my Mini 2 comes down hard on the bottom right washer which causes it to force a reset of the Z axis. I understand this is by design, but I don’t understand how the 2 sides of the Z can get out of level so often. This happens consistently. To note, it’s not because the nozzle has debris or filament blocking it from detecting, I can clearly see a larger gap between the left and right side steppers which is causing this. It’s a noticeable 5mm different between each side.

The left side tends to droop down once power is removed from the motors. There’s a small board that’s supposed to prevent this from happening, but it definitely doesn’t work every time.

I have actually put the mechanical zeroing as part of my startup GCODE so that it does it every time.

But it shouldn’t be coming down on a washer for the zeroing, this should happen with the nozzle between the wipe pad and the back right washer.

Thanks for the info… Yes, you are correct… It’s the levelling that touches the washers, and it tends to trigger the zeroing process when it tries to level on the back right washer. To your point, zeroing happens as you noted. Just frustrated that it triggers so often. Makes me realize how much I like my Bambu Labs A1.

If the height difference between any of the points is too much, it may try to mechanically zero, wipe the nozzle, and try again.

But some versions of the firmware go to the wrong place to mechanically zero, causing more problems.

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