Mini2 x axis gets unlevel during print.

I have a mini2 and have noticed I need to always run x axis level routine before printing. I have been working on determining how much it drifts during printing. I ran the autolevel command after a 2.5hr print that was 70mm tall.

The right side probed the washers and readout that they were about 1.5-2mm lower than the left side. So it appears that the x axis gets out of level while printing. If I level the x axis and run the probe routine again then the left and right side are pretty close. So it does not seem to be one side moving slower. Seems like one side sinks during printing.

Wondering if any other mini2 users have seen this? To see the values from when probing the washers i changed the line with G29 to G29 V4 and then watched output in terminal during the procedure.

I’m seeing the same thing on my Mini 2. When I turn the printer on, the x axis is visibly out of level. I always need to level the x axis. I’ve had some long prints fail with the hot end buried in the print or gobs of extruded filament all over. This is a serious problem that needs to get fixed.

Reach out to the support team at for assistance. Include images of that axis and more information on when you first noticed this.

I’ve noticed that when I run the X axis level it has been pretty far out of level every single time.

I have been having terrible layer shifts on every other print. After reading this I am kind of putting it together that perhaps it is just the nozzle dragging on the print after going out of level on the X axis…

One thing that I have observed - the x-axis level by the front panel of the Mini2 is not the same as the x-axis level initialed from Cura. I can level the X-axis from the Mini2 but when Cura starts a print it will usually re-level the x-axis. Once leveled via Cura, it will stay level for several prints.

My Mini2 still has to be leveled when it is first power on.

Just wondering if there were any resolutions to the above problems? It would be helpful if I ever experienced it.

I personally never got a real response. I was just told to “Make sure my PEI was clean” (?!?) and that “It’s a good idea to level the X-axis before every print”

No real response as to the obvious defect of the design just kind of ignored the whole thing and talked past me.

I did find that for me running the X-Axis leveling before every print has lessened serious issues due to this problem. It’s not what I would have expected from a printer in this price range but support has done a great job of bludgeoning me into submission with stock response cut and pastes that have nothing to do with my problems.

mini 2 X axis going out of level mid print would almost certainly be either a slipping Z motor pulley, or the brake board. The setscrews on the pulleys can back out and allow a tiny amount of play.

Hi, I was just wondering if you had any luck with this being fixed in any way shape or form? I noticed my new mini2’s X was off and used the leveling option in the menu to straighten it out. But if this is something that’s going to continue to happen for a printer at this price I’ll just return it as it’s not something I’m interested in fixing constantly. I have a handful more days for the return policy luckily. Now I’ll have to figure out what to do with all of the filament I bought lol… but that’s cheap compared to the cost of the printer.


I’ve been having similar issues and a similar lack of luck with tech support. I like that suggestion of tightening the X axis setscrews as that was an issue I had with my Y axis and will give that a shot tonight.

Tech support also told me to level X after ever print which is a REALLY frustrating response because if that was truly a good procedure then there’s no reason that shouldn’t happen as part of the standard lulzbot cura gcode.

This influenced my decision to go with Prusa for my next printer. At this point I’m just hoping I can resolve this issue with my lulzbot before I sell it/give it to a friend. It was a good starter printer and I’ve loved having it, but I grow disillusioned as ~50% of my prints fail in the probing phase despite the nozzle and washers being clean.