MINI not printing built in support

So I noticed that the mini doesn’t seem to recognize when I design in “built in” support material. In this particular case, I’m using .0075" walls to build up to a section that will be bridged. The only think I can think of is that the .5mm nozzle setting doesn’t recognize features this small… The same part prints perfectly on my Taz4 with .35MM noz.

Why is this?
FrontLandinggear_Test.STL (501 KB)

Probably exactly what it is. Your slicing software knows that the smallest feature in create is. 0.5mm (0.019") So anything smaller than that it wont try and make.

Ideally you want you Support to be at least one width of the nozzle width so it makes a single pass over it.

Make a model going from .0075" walls up to .025" walls and see what the slicer will print.

That’s what I was thinking, but by that logic, then the .35mm noz shouldn’t print it either. :slight_smile: you’re right though, just need to test a bit to see what that magic thickness is.

A 0.5mm nozzle can extrude much smaller than 0.5mm extrusion width. I don’t know what the smallest is that is feasible, but it is a lot smaller that 0.5mm.

I will do a test model tommorrow and see where the cut off is :slight_smile:

Here is what I found, The mini, with .5mm nozzle doesn’t recognize features under .025"…unless this can be changed as a setting in software?

As for holes, funny thing is, different hole diameters are required whether the hole is vertically or horizontally integrated… my test print showed that to fit an m2 bolt, the hole printed on the horizontal plane must be .06" radius, but only .045" on the verticle wall. All prints were done in Green ABS.

This just illustrates the variation in tolerances to consider when 3DPrinting, considering these tolerances can change with about 1000+ other variables, it’s always best to do a test print…

hope this helps.

I LOVE tests like these.

Always a must before hitting “print” on that final, finished model. :wink: