Minimum layer thickness you have printed?

Hello all,

Have a TAZ 4 with E3d V6 hot end.
Rails and linear bearings have been replaced recently (makes a significant difference I believe)
Printing PLA with the 0.4mm nozzle (Have a 0.25 but haven’t tried it yet)

I am printing a series of injection molds that will produce tubes of polymer that have outer diameters of 2-4.3mm and a wall thickness of 0.3-0.45mm. The smallest to date has been 1.54mm inner diameter and 2.68mm outer diameter printed at a layer height of 0.1mm

The prints are reasonable but I sense that I am approaching the limits of resolution.

Just wondering what is the thinnest layer height that anyone has used?

If anyone has some suggestions as to how fine printing can be improved I would love to hear them.

Thank and take care


In test prints with my stock TAZ 5, I was going down to 0,05mm. Print was looking realy great, it’s nearly impossible to see the layers even on 60° angles.
But it took ages to get only 5mm height on aprox. 20x20mm base. So I canceled the print, it’s nothing thats useful for my print times any more :laughing: But if I have some free print time one day, I will try a small 0,01mm object :smiling_imp:


I will push on to thinner layers then.

Take it easy!


Injection molds? If you don’t mind my asking, what material are you using for the molds, and what material are you planning to cast?

Also, I have achieved 50-75 micron (0.05-0.075mm) layer heights with a variety of 0.25-0.35 nozzles, including the Budaschnozzle.

Protip: keep your first layer height at the default.

Flowrates at that layer height are tiny.

Here is a .08 layer print using a .25 nozzle I just finished. I am very happy with the results!
The total height is 1", diameter is 19/32". The print was 317 layers printed in just over 1 hour.


Ive actually started to do 150% layer height and 65% width (which in S3D makes the layer wider, which is wierd) its almost a perfect extrusion to width ratio… perfect first layer… im sure it varies by slicer etc