Settings for ultra-fine printing on Taz5 w PLA?

Does anyone have a preferred config for this? I’ve heard that the Taz5 can go very fine indeed, but have never found a concrete set of settings. The default ‘high’ from the site is pretty good but wondering if I can go better.

Does everything the same but slower work well? I’m willing to wait for the particular print I have in mind, but I want to wring the best detail I can out of this baby.

I’ve heard you can go lower layers but I understand there are other settings that much change along with that and I’m not 100% on it, so thought I’d ping the hivemind.

Thanks for any info,


You can simply reduce the layer height to 0.075mm from the high-quality profile. This will make smoother layer grain and a stronger part.

With lower layer height, you could experiment with reducing the extruder temperature.