MOARstruder top layer quality

I have a TAZ 6 with a MOARstruder print head. Can someone help me figure out why the top layer looks like it does? I tried it with 0% and 10% infill and it doesn’t change the quality of the top layer.

I’m assuming the left cube shows the bottom layer and the right, the top layer?

It looks like the layer thickness is equal to or greater than your roof thickness setting, so you’re only getting a single-layer roof that is also the first layer of a bridging operation. That’s never going to be pretty. Try setting your minimum top layers to at least two instead of a minimum thickness.
10% infill is enough if you’re doing 2-3 layers on top, but just can’t compensate for a really thick extrusion.

Thanks so much for your quick response. Yes sorry, the left cube is the bottom, and the right cube is the top layer.
I understand what you are saying about two layers of thickness. Is the same true when using a MOARstruder? I was under the impression that the moarstruder should only use 1 layer to keep things quick and less filament? In fact, with the vase-spiral setting on the moarstruder, I believe the slicer automatically gives everything a 1-layer thick wall. Am I misunderstanding the moarstruder?

Yes, the moarstruder is for going fast, not pretty, but it can’t overcome physics. You need at least 2 layers with that amount of infill.

Vase mode is always one wall thick. That’s part of the definition of vase mode.

Thanks so much for the info. I changed it to 2 layers and it looks much better. I wish I didn’t need to do that since it increases print time and filament, but like you said, it can’t overcome physics!