New Taz user


This is my first venture in 3d printing. I just got a taz 5, super neat.

So after scouring the web and getting a lot of the fine tuning resolved theres one thing I cant quite figure out. A few first test items I made are keychains for my wife. The top layer seems to be a little…off… the infill section is raised and bumpy. The layering of the sides of the print a perfectly stacked and look really nice. So im not sure why the top after it infills the middle with structure it cant make the top layer lines run parallel. Cura wants to keep hatching it seems like. Ive tried 20% infill and 100% infill and they both look the same. Im using Lulz PLA plastic, 205 C hotend, 60 C bed temp. Speed doesnt seem to matter. I did two versions one at 50 and one at 10 and they are identical. Attached some pics. Thanks for suggestions.

If the top layer is bumpy and it looks like the nozzle is dragging through the previously deposited plastic, you are probably over extruding a little. Make sure you measure the actual diameter of the filament you are printing with and enter that value in your slicer.

It the filament diameter is correct in the slicer, adjust the extrusion multiplier to something less than 100% in your slicer. 97% is a good place to start. Adjust until you get a nice flat top surface.

Also, check this out.

great, I’ll give that a shot. Thanks for the reply! also great link!

Just to follow up…

Lowered my nozzle temp to 200 from 205 (did it make a difference I dunno)

changed filament diameter from 2.85 to 2.95. Flow rate to 97%.

Worked much much better. Got a few bumps here and there at corners which i think may have something to do with retracting? but overall it looks much improved. I printed a cube as a reference since ive printed a bunch for calibration and it looks way better than the others. Thanks!

Post the resulting photos, please. :slight_smile:

I’m also a new Taz owner and I’m battling my own little printing demons. I’ve found that with PLA the little bumps on the corner can be corrected with -0.2mm Extra Restart Distance (in S3D).