Modular Print Bed on Mini 1.4?

Any reason to upgrade to the Modular Print bed on my Mini 1? Changing out the PEI sheet today, just wondering?


The modular bed’s metal plate heat pad helps disperse heat more evenly throughout the build plate which allows the entire build volume to be utilized to its full potential. You can also flip the glass surface to print on the bare glass for filaments that do better on glass like flexibles. If you are in a production environment you can also switch out the bed for another slate of glass and replace the PEI on the bed at a later time and then replace it for when you don’t have the luxury of stopping your printing production. It’s more of just an overall upgrade to the normal PEI bed.

So the current heater is still working fine, I’ll stick with it for no, no need to spend any more money than necessary. BTW than you Aleph Objects for the clear instructions for maintaining the printers. The PEI replacement went off with no issues.

Thank you for the kind feedback!

If you’ve had to change PEI sheets as much as I have, you’ll love the modular bed for that reason alone. Loosen a couple of washers and pop the PEI covered glass off to work on it, and if you have an extra one ready to go, you pop that one one and get back to printing while you install the new PEI sheet. :wink: