Glass bed broken

Anyone else had the glass bed shatter?
I bought the glass with the pei attached when I upgraded to the modular bed in January.
Just came to a finished print and found the bed shattered.

That’s definitely not normal, but id imagine it’s under warranty. If not you can always peel the pei off and swap an aluminum plate in.

Support say they haven’t had any reports of glass beds breaking so I will have to buy another .
How does the aluminium do when hot, any warping?
Going to try a local glass supplier for some more glass but will look at aluminium for a longer term fix.

Make sure to get borosilicate glass when sourcing…

The aluminum never gets hot enough to warp. use a 3/16" plate if you try it. The tricky bit is sourcing a flat plate though.

One glass bed broken and support says they don’t have any history of broken glass beds… I’d push back on a warranty replacement unless the warranty has expired (or the event that broke the glass bed is outside the warranty) in which case, I’d just buy another one from LulzBot. Yours appears to be an isolated event.

If you do not have the modular bed option, that might be worth considering. That will separate the glass from the heater and make replacing the glass later on a bit cheaper (not to mention the ability to flip it over if the PEI surface isn’t right for the filament you are printing with).

If IMO, you have another glass bed break, that is when you should start looking for other options.

I do have the modular bed. Never had a glass bed break like this before on any of my printers.
I will have a look for an aluminium sheet .but will have to get a glass bed from somewhere in the meantime.