Monster Hand

I just got my mini last week. So I’ve been putting it through its paces. This was split into 3 prints, 7 pieces total, then I glued them together.

This was my 3d model, I do this stuff for a living.

These are the prints.

It was ABS, mainly because I needed to glue it with plastic glue.
I haven’t toyed to much with the advanced settings, so this was just the default Cura high quality settings.
It added up to about 20 hours of printing I think.
I am incredibly happy with with Lulzbot mini, especially with how easy it is to use right out of the box.

My one problem I ran into was getting the pieces off the bed. They stuck REALLY good too it. I had to heat the bed, detach it from the machine, and remove the pieces with brute force. The bed now has some warps in it from where the objects were, just noticeable bumps if you run your finger across it.

Man that is awesome!!!
I wish I had your knowledge with the CAD :astonished:

The Mini is an awesome machine for sure… Very fast printer…
I too have some “dimples” in the bed from stubborn to remove prints. They seem easier to pop off if you pop them off as soon as the bed moves forward, or just before it moves forward. The prints that I left on the bed that I ran and went to sleep, they are extremely hard to remove the next morning.

Thanks Dawgbone.

I did a test print tonight taking your advice and popped a print off right after it was done printing with the bed still warm.

If the nozzle is too close to the PEI, printed parts can be extremely difficult to remove. 50C seems like a sweet spot temp.

I’m not exactly sure what’s involved with adjusting z-endstop on the Mini. With the TAZ we have a mechanical screw and a contact switch. The screw is hard to fine tune, but with the z-offset setting in slicing software can help with tweaking the height. For less adhesion, I set the z-offset parameter to .1 - .2. Maybe experimenting with this parameter can help with the Mini also.

BTW - That’s a great piece. The shadow makes the actual printed part look as though its another computer graphic. Awesome work breaking it into pieces and glueing back together. Acetone can weld and smooth ABS also for post processing.

Amazing prints Blastamon! I like the choice of blue as well, the way the light hits it in your photos, awesome. Well done again