I have been using PLA for a couple years on my makerbot with little issues. I started using ABS on my TAZ3 and seem to be having a lot of issues. Some are related to bad filament(which I’m dealing with), some are related to slic3r freaking out on me, but some are just the headache of ABS. It seems like PLA is a lot easier to use then ABS. Does that hold true with the TAZ3? Can PLA hold out outdoors for extended periods of time. I’m in the process of manufacturing custom badges that go on cars. The ABS has held up well, but if I could use PLA and it hold up as good, then that would make my life a lot easier.

While biodegradable, PLA needs to be shredded/ground for that to really occur. PLA has lasted years out in the wild, exposed to the elements/UV. It’s less malleable and forgiving when it comes to flexing, but if it doesn’t need to, it should hold up well enough.

Thank you for that info. That puts my mind at ease if I need to switch over to PLA. The ABS has been a real headache for the 10+ hour prints. The PLA doesn’t seem to mind the long prints.

This seemed to be a good summary on both materials: