Multiple Taz 4 Printers

Can you use 2 Taz $ printers at the same time in windows 7 so they will print at the same time, or do you need 2 computers? Thanks

You could put the GCode on SD cards and not use a computer at all. :wink:
I don’t think you could control two at once… Although, maybe if you had 2 instances of pronterface running it may work…

Yes. Each one gets a different Com port. You need a really beefy computer for that though.

Thanks for your help. I new I could do the sd card, but I wanted to hookup both to the computer. I have a very powerful computer that can handle it. I will have to mess with it later today…Thanks

Another solution is to run the printer from a Beaglebone Black or Raspberry Pi using Octoprint. That frees your PC from the task and lets you access the printer and view the web cam from any web browser in the house. I have been running my Taz 2.1 this way for a few months. I love it.

Actually, you don’t need a powerful machine at all. We used to run 10 or so printers off of a single ThinkPad T42 (an old laptop) with a USB hub. Granted it was running GNU/Linux, so it is quite efficient. But it really doesn’t require much computing power at all to be a print server.



I have been using a a $200 dollar windows tablet as my printer server. I can access it via Chrome Remote Desktop to heat it up and check on remaining print time. Using Microsoft One Drive, I can save the gcode file to the folder on my main machine and remotely load it on the tablet.