Recommended computer hardware for the TAZ5?

I am seriously considering purchasing a TAZ5 and a computer to drive it … is there a list of minimum computer hardware that would be required or recommended to drive printing to a TAZ5?



Driving the printer is not very taxing. Most any new computer will do. Where you will need more computing power is if you plan on creating your own 3D designs using a 3D CAD application. In that case, you want a computer with plenty of CPU power, memory, and a good graphic card.

Saramos was spot on, the Gcode files are not very large. The CAD program will definitely more taxing than the slicing program. This has been the single most helpful flowchart I have found when people have asked for recommendations on CAD programs.

CAD Flowchart

Hope this helps!

Yep. You can use a Raspberry Pi to stream the gcode and control the printer… But will need a bit more to do the CAD. I use a MacBook Air and Sketchup for designing and slicing with Simplify3D.

Thanks all for the info! I’m doing my 3D modeling on a Dell T3500 running Windows 7 x64 w/ 3Ghz 8 core Xeon CPU and 24 Gb or memory so no problem there! I’m just pick up a “standard PC” to sit next to the TAZ5 and driver the printer!

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No need to pick up an extra computer. You can slice the file and load the Gcode directly to the SD card to print tetherless. (All standard on the TAZ 5). If you don’t have an SD reader on the current computer, you can find an USB adapter fairly cheap.

Save some cash!